Wednesday 21 March 2018

People are talking: Hold page one, Your Highness

Royal scoop: The Duchess of Cambridge will be a guest editor
Royal scoop: The Duchess of Cambridge will be a guest editor
Donal Lynch

Donal Lynch

What is it about magazine work being the go-to fantasy job for women? From Sex and the City to Ab Fab to Amy Schumer there seems to be the presumption that most ladies aspire to work in an industry that, in the main, seems to guilt-trip women, and, like Venice, is slowly sinking.

The latest hero to don the mantle of mag hag is Kate Middleton, who, for a day, is becoming guest editor at The Huffington Post. Kate of course doesn't have to worry about the usual concerns of magazine lackeys such as "will I get paid", "will this job exist in six months?" and "how am I expected to know if this really is a position that will drive him wild." According to ABC News, her stint at HuffPo will be to "raise mental health awareness for youth."

That will all be well and good, but if she did a special, exposing the secrets of Windsor Castle, the moods of the mother-in-law, and how Prince William really feels about losing his hair, then people might actually read it. And if she resists using her day on the job for buying and destroying all of the paparazzi photos of herself looking too skinny/too grey/too "strained", then we'd doff our hats to her.

HRH Heir Harry Still Single

In 'Elvis is still dead' news this week, Prince Harry is still single.  After an Australian mag claimed last week that he and 19-year-old Princess Maria-Olympia of Greece were a 'thing', a 'source' stated emphatically that no, HRH Harry was on the shelf. 

There was a time when this news would set pulses racing, a time when Wills' floppy blond hair and good looks made him an actual pin-up, when Harry was within spitting distance of the throne. But that day, like Will's hair, is long gone. With the arrival of his niece and nephew, Harry has been pushed further and further down the Windsor family tree.

Harry may stay single for a long time - few girls would want to live in the shadow of the Blessed Kate. Besides, the former 'spare' is probably really enjoying his single status, now that his security staff know to pat down for mobile phones before admitting people into the royal presence.

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