Wednesday 21 February 2018

People are talking: Andy Murray gets a taste of the post-baby blips

Andy Murray with his wife Kim Sears.
Andy Murray with his wife Kim Sears.
Ben Innes posing during the hostage situation.

Sarah Caden

It seems that Andy Murray's tennis has been affected - and not in a good way - by fatherhood. Is it unfair to feel a little pleased about this? We bang on all the time about how motherhood changes everything for mothers, so why not the men?

We know it's important that Andy keeps bringing home the trophies and the bacon to his wife Kim (pictured left with Andy) and new baby Sophia but signs of sleep deprivation in his game are proof that he is a man, and not a machine. And good for him.

Last week, Andy crashed out of the Miami Open, a tournament at which he normally does well. It was pointed out that he's been doing badly since Sophia's birth in early February. And he has admitted himself that he's distracted, that he feels guilty if he leaves the house at 8am and doesn't return until 8pm. Former tennis champ, now commentator Annabel Croft said: "Life has just changed for him and he's just trying to regain momentum." In other words, he's having a normal life. Which is odd in tennis.

Tennis is a tough master, demanding and all-consuming. But babies are tougher task-masters than that, and, at the moment, it seems that Sophia is the boss. Which can't but be good for Andy, a man who has seemed more like an automaton at times.

The way Annabel Croft sees it, Andy is having a blip. And most women understand that post-baby blip. We're normally the ones who suffer it worst. Shamelessly, we quite enjoy seeing a man get a small dose of it.

We wish for Andy's form to return, obviously, but let him live a little for now.

Jolly Ben puts it up to us

Pat Fitzpatrick

Ben Innes posing during the hostage situation.

A worrying week. A man pulls off a world-class feat of ‘the craic’ on social media. And he is British. Ben Innes seems like a right character. As long as your definition of a right character is someone who wants his photo taken with a hijacker during a hostage situation. The result is probably the defining photo of the 21st Century — Ben pulling a funny face (above), with the hijacker standing next to him with a face that says: “And I thought I was the craziest person on this plane.” It turned out he didn’t have a bomb. But here was a situation that cried out for an eejit, and that eejit came from the wrong side of the Irish Sea. We will need to up our game. Ireland is supposed to be the capital of ‘the craic’. We don’t want jolly Brits like Ben stealing our thunder.

Caught in a bad romance

Eilis O'Hanlon

The people may have spoken weeks ago, but only now are Fine Gael and Fianna Fail doing the same.

Since the election, the two great parties of State have been like sulky teenagers, pretending not to be interested in one another, while glancing furtively each other’s way across the schoolyard, and getting huffy because the other one won’t make the first move.

This week they even managed to fall out over a misunderstood text message. If this goes on much longer, talks will end up breaking down because Enda didn’t “like” one of Micheal’s Instagram posts or something.

God help us when they find out what they’ve actually been saying to their friends behind each other’s backs. It’ll make the break up between Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson look pretty.

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