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‘Oh yes he will!’ Marty Morrissey to star in Snow White Christmas panto


Alan Hughes and Marty Morrissey. Photo: Rob Kennedy

Alan Hughes and Marty Morrissey. Photo: Rob Kennedy

Alan Hughes and Marty Morrissey. Photo: Rob Kennedy

GAA commentator Marty Morrissey has joined the cast of the much-love Snow White pantomime which is returning to Dublin this Christmas season.

Snow White & Sammy and Buffy will start its run at the National Stadium on December 13. 

The show’s promoters said RTÉ sports journalist Morrissey will bring his “exuberant personality” to the role of the ‘Magic Mirror’.

Morrissey is set to do battle on stage with popular comedienne Katherine Lynch, who plays the Wicked Queen, in Alan Hughes’ beloved annual pantomime which was formerly known as the ‘Cheerios Panto’.

A former Dancing with the Stars contestant, Morrissey will be dressed as mirror ball.

The hugely successful show, produced by  Hughes and partner Karl Broderick, has long been considered one of the funniest family shows around.

Morrissey’s part in the panto will be pre-recorded, but fans have been assured that he “still has some of the funniest moments in the panto.”

A debutant on the pantomime scene, Morrissey said it was a “whole new adventure”.

“It’s very exciting from point. I know Alan and Karl and they put on a great show, so I know I’m in good hands,” he said.

"I'm so delighted to be playing the Magic Mirror in Snow White at The National Stadium. Panto is a great family tradition and I can't wait to bring a bit of the Marty party magic to the part. Karl sent me over some footage of the previous pantos and It looked spectacular. I was laughing so much that when they asked me to be in Snow White I couldn't resist, saying: ‘Oh yes I will’."

Morrissey said rehearsals and recording will begin next month and while the script has not been finalised yet, there will be plenty of references to his love of GAA and sport in general.

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“I’ve no doubt we’ll playing yellow cards, black cards and red cards. Because of I what I do, I’d imagine there will be a lot of GAA terminology used in the pantomime. It’s a bit of fun and it brings a smile to peoples faces at an important time of the year. It’s lovely to be asked and lovely to be involved to do that,” he said.

Broderick, who writes and produces the show, added: “It’s a real privilege to have Marty on board. We really wanted a star who makes you smile when you think of him… and that’s Marty. He has this great reputation for being up for the craic and we all need that these days…our audience is going to love it.”

The National Stadium is the new home for Snow White & Sammy and Buffy, after the Tivoli theatre closed recently.

The show begins on December 13 and tickets are available from €16 at www.panto.ie and 01 906 0111.

Pantomimes around the country have been severely curtailed over the last two years due to the Covid-19 pandemic. much to the disappointment of Hughes, Broderick and their many fans. 

“We got great crowds at the ploughing and think people are coming back slowly. We still have to be careful obviously but, hopefully, I think as time goes on it will give people the confidence to go out,” Morrissey added.

“I think the whole entertainment world has obviously been hit over the last couple of years, so this will be a night out for people and bring a few laughs.

“I think whether you’re a child of eight or 80, pantomimes are always fun, lots of noise and a bit of craic and that can’t be wrong.”

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