Thursday 19 September 2019


John Comyn

This season's Camrose Trophy will be played over two weekends in Wales and England in January and March which meant selecting two pairs to join Tom Hanlon & Co.

Maybe it is something of a surprise that the selection committee, in consultation with the winning team, decided to overlook the entire runners-up quartet and go for one pair from the third team and one from the fifth.

Anyone know which county Marcin Rudzinsky comes from? Just joking, he will be the first Polish player to represent Ireland when he plays with Ronan McMaugh on the first weekend, while Enda Glynn and David Walsh will replace them in England.

There is a meeting of trialists and potential trialists at the Bridge Centre at 9.45 this morning to discuss all sorts of things with regard to trials and what might be needed in the future.

Here is a very difficult hand from a recent competition.

Vulnerability plays a big part.

Bidding (NS vul)


Do you play take-out doubles up to this level. Not too many I would say, but if you don't then a double is the only answer and +500. And East can hardly be blamed for doubling 5H which, of course tells N where all the Hearts are.


♠ K3

♥ Q8732

♦ J102

♣ Q54


♠ J964♠ 75

♥ -♥ AK54

♦ 63♦ Q975

♣ AK109863♣ J72


♠ AQ1082

♥ J1096

♦ AK84

♣ -

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