Sunday 22 September 2019


John Comyn

Back in the 1990s, Leinster won eight out of 10 inter-provincial championships, The selection method was simple and very effective. The non-playing captain was named and was the sole selector. As one of those, I can vouch for its success - since I had so many brilliant players to chose from.

But what happened then? This method was changed for some reason I can't understand, nor by whom.

Last weekend, Leinster finished a remote third to Connacht and Munster and I could name at least a dozen internationals who were not selected. I wonder why.

It is with the most sincere regret I mention the passing of Gay Keaveney's wife, Eilish.

I visited their home many times and found her a most charming hostess and a really keen Bridge supporter, especially when Gay was playing.

If you haven't worked out what game was on last week. The answer is 3NT by East. South has no club to lead.

Here's a competitive hand from last week's SIM pairs.

Once again vulnerability is so important. As Brian Senior writes: "It is easy for NS to bid five of a minor, but as EW are not vulnerable, will they bet let play there."

Bidding (NS vul)


5S goes only two down for a very cheap save, so NS have a big problem although 4NT is a good bid over 2H and the Spades fit may not surface.


♠ 7

♥ A2


♣ KQ1085


♠ Q642 ♠ AKJ1093

♥ KJ10643 ♥ 97

♦ 104 ♦ 92

♣ 4 ♣ J92


♠ 85

♥ Q85

♦ 8653

♣ A763

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