Monday 16 September 2019


John Comyn

If you played in the IBU Sim pairs last Tuesday, you will remember the hand I have used this week. It is board 19 and the slam is played by North if it is to make as S has no chance.

Now while I have all the respect in the world for Enda Glynn, who set the hand, I think he expected too much from declarer. Expecting your normal club player to see a squeeze play and a ducking manoeuvre in Clubs is a bit over the top.

After the inter-pro championships this weekend we move to Kilkenny for their very popular congress which moves back to the Springhill Hotel after several years elsewhere.

There's the usual programme of mixed pairs beginning on November 23 with pairs then on Saturday at 1.30pm and teams on the last day at 11am. If you are interested, send entries to or Mary Fawsitt at 087-2474900 or Gretta Kelly at 056-7752040.

So now to that slam.

Bidding (EW vul)


Why would E lead a Diamond on that bidding? Anyway, they didn't and a H gives nothing. Now N is asked to duck a Club.

Now, now Enda we are not all as good as you. And then the squeeze is exerted. But let me add that the hands were outstandingly good with an important point made on almost of them.


♠ A10

♥ AK8

♦ J4

♣ AK10976


♠ 8543♠ KJ72

♥ J1092♥ 643

♦ Q8♦ 10975

♣ J43♣ Q8


♠ Q96

♥ Q75

♦ AK632

♣ 52

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