Wednesday 21 August 2019


Planning, how are you? It baffles me that one of our very best and most popular Congress weekends clashes with the Lady Milne final trials which means taking 24 leading players away from Kilkenny. Why the hurry with the ladies and senior trials. Both events are scheduled for April and May?

Anyway it is off to Dundalk this coming weekend for the East of Ireland congress for the 73rd time.

I played there when 50 smokes was first prize in the pairs. Usual programme starting with mixed pairs on Nov 13. Entries to Eileen McEntegert at 042-9321643.

Following weekend is Kilkenny at the Ormonde Hotel, plus, of course, the second weekend of trials. Kilkenny is one of the most attractive places to visit and everybody is made very welcome. Starts with a reception at 7pm, mixed at 7.30pm. Pairs on Saturday, teams on Sunday. Entries to Mary Fawsitt 087-2474900 or marion.kilbride@gmail.com

Here is a fascinating hand. 12 tricks one way; 10 the other.

Bidding (NS vul)

N E S W 1C P 1H 2H 4H 4S 6H X P P P

The slam was really a slam at a slam knowing nothing about the D suit. W, of course, should bid 6S down 2, but is the double not reasonable?

A massive swing, needless to say for NS. Also, what about the 1C opening. I don't agree, at all. 1H and keep bidding Clubs is my motto.
















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