Monday 23 October 2017


Irish lady trialists were not at all happy about playing a preliminary round of trials over the entire October Bank Holiday just to eliminate four pairs and then return in November for another weekend - but lady-power won in the end and the dates were changed. I firmly believe this should never have happened and I also think there should not be two weekends.

To be perfectly frank I can understand why at least 20 current internationals did not play in the Spiro Cup last weekend. The standard was bad. This is one of our majors - so what is wrong?

Here is a nice statistic. There were 12 prizes in all and Dublin players (I am including Bray as Dublin) won eleven of them. What does that say for the rest of the country?

Mention of Bray prompts me to add that their members were first and third and won two more prizes as well. The Coen for teams was a bit different, but this time a Western quartet led by John Godden upset most predictions, beating a very strong field.

Anyone who says luck does not play a major role in Bridge is crazy. Hand from the Spiro. What amazing judgement - or was it? Enda Glynn thought so - or was he being funny?

Bidding (EW vul)

E S W N 1S P 2D P P P

The look on West's face was a picture. "You can't pass 2D", she said. Partner rejoined "I didn't like my hand".

Mind you, neither did I when I saw 5D-1 and 6S-3.















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