Tuesday 24 October 2017


We didn't come here to pass. That's the new approach to Bridge. One of the best playerrs in the world - Bob Hamman - was right: if players had to pay money for massive penalties, they would use the pass card far more often.

I have rarely seen so many four-figure penalties than last weekend in Duais an Uachtarain in Killiney Castle.

When I took up the game (more than 65 years ago) we played for a penny per 100. If you hade an 800 penalty that meant your pocket money for the week - so you never overbid. But who plays rubber Bridge these days? Practically nobody.

We had a great turnout of 134 pairs and a hot finish with Mary Finn and Cian Holland pipping Liz Taaffe and Kathleen Vaughan.

It's mixed championship time this coming weekend with the Spiro and Coen scheduled for the Centre on Saturday and Sunday. Entries to headquarters before Thursday.

Next Congress on the agenda is Limerick from October 16-18. More details nearer the date.

Here is a good example from Duais. I saw this hand played in a D partscore by EW. If you don't open 4S on the N hand, you should take up tiddleywinks.

Anyway 4S opened and now attention turns to E. After some thought she found the devastating lead of S10. That put paid to a Diamond ruff, This is good thinking since E knows the SQ is useless. Now there is no play for 4S.





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