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Final trials will be played from September 23-25. Over the past few months, I have been asked many times about a variety of infringements. Or, should I say in many cases, imagined infringements.

Can I say this? Call the tournament director if you have any doubts at all.

I don't really know why inexperienced players give rulings, especially when they are incorrect. Always ask an expert.

Our Lady's Hospital Crumlin will benefit from the proceeds of a charity tournament at the Ballyroan Community Centre this afternoon at 3 o'clock.

What would you bid on the W hand here?

Bidding (EWE vul)

E S W N P 1NT 2S X 3S4H 4SX

All Pass

The late Pat Walshe had a theory that all vulnerable overcalls against a strong NT were two-suited.

It's hard to blame N with the knowledge they hold easily the balance of HCP. As ever, distribution wins the day, but you do have to catch the DQ. Ask Richard Elvin.


♠7 ♥K1084 ♦Q87












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