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Who said experience counts in trials? The Camrose trials over the weekend produced one of the biggest surprises for many years when the hot favourites to go through to the final finished second last. The runaway winners were Enda Glynn, David Walsh, Donal MacAonghusa and Ciaran Coyne. They won every match. They are joined by teams led by Terry Walsh and Cian Holland and they will play a round robin against Team Ireland on the October Bank Holiday.

White smoke at last from Madras. Ireland will play in the D'Orsi Trophy at the end of the month. This is the senior equivalent to the Bermuda Bowl.

Last Thursday was a very special day as it marked the 104th birthday of the great Ruth Giddings, who, I am very happy to say is as alive and kicking as she ever was. I visited her the other day and found her in the very best of spirits. She still has a great memory. Hardly any need for me to go into her amazing record of major wins and international caps except to say it will never be equalled. Imagine. She won 54 major titles and made 28 international appearances, the first in 1950; the last in 1981.

This is a hand from the Camrose Trials. No need to bother with the bidding. Flattest hand of all time? Oh no it wasn't. Seven Norths opened 7S, but in Bridge there is always one supreme pessimist. Why you would open 2C is utterly beyond me and end in 6S. The culprit must remain anonymous.





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