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The annual match for the Britton Trophy between the CBAI and the NIBU has been pretty one-sided in recent years in favour of the South, but not this time.

We took an almighty hammering in Belfast, especially in the top match in which the local seniors walloped our seniors. But this wasn't an overage match, so why had we seven over-60s in action?

We have Camrose trials at the end of the month. Why I am not too sure, since it is obvious what the team will be. I believe the holders should be allowed to play without having trials. Not if they don't win, of course.

Don't forget the Bray Swiss teams on Sept 6 at the Royal Hotel, Bray.

This is one of my favourite events, but I will be in Spain. Entries to Mamie McCormac, tel: (087) 931-8377.

Distribution again on this hand from Dublin Congress. The Slam isn't exactly brilliant, but it makes. The singleton again.

Bidding (NS vul)

E S W N P 1C P 1H P 2H P 4C 4H all pass

The splinter doesn't appeal greatly to the miserable S hand and 4H is reasonable. But should N not now try again with 4S, clearly a cue bid. And what about the Spade situation?

Well it shows that luck does play a big part.



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