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Seventeen National titles and capped six times at World and European championships is a record of which to be very proud. Yes, I'm afraid it is more bad news today. Don Seligman passed away during the week - one of the very best players we ever produced (especially in partnership with his wife, Barbara).

I first played against them in the Davidson Cup more than 50 years ago and a million and one times after that. One of the things I remember vividly was his little electric fan which he turned on when playing - before smoking was banned at the Bridge table.

I hear that more than one country will not be travelling to India for the seniors version of the Bermuda Bowl, so it is almost certain that Ireland will be taking part in September.

The annual match between the CBAI and NIBU will be played next weekend at the Le Mon Hotel, Belfast. I don't know the teams, since these things appear to be private.

Who was to blame here? From Bray Summer League.

Bidding (Both vul)

W N E S 1D P 1H P 1NT P 3NT P What a dreadful contract. Hope this pair bought a Lottery ticket. Thing is, should S bid or should N have overcalled in 2nd seat?

How in heaven's name can you lead CA? That is the only lead to beat this game. N should double with 5-4 in the majors, but still will not lead CA. In the play, N is murdered on the run of the D suit.



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