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Ireland completed a historic double at the City North Hotel last weekend by winning the Senior Camrose trophy to add to the Camrose Trophy itself, won last month by Tom Hanlon and company.

The winning team was BJ O'Brien, Michael McDonagh, Gay Keaveney, Pat McDevitt and Micheal and Padraig O'Briain. It was easy enough in the end, but the composition of the patron's team still has me baffled.

Wish I had something positive to say about the IBU final, but the less said, the better. Rarely have I heard so many complaints about bringing the intermediate championships into the wild blue yonder. The biggest grouse was charging the players to park their cars. Now aren't Bridge weekends expensive enough? In any event, it is past time we stopped traipsing around the country.

Never have I seen anything like the refusal to bid minor games and slams than in the IBU final.

Bidding (NS vul)

N E S W P 1D 1S 2H P 3C P 4C P 5C P P P Can you believe it? This hand, as often as not, was played in a club partscore.

Some didn't even go above the two level. On my left, a lady said, "I would have bid six but I knew I had two Spade losers". That lady certainly knows her onions. More of these hands in coming weeks to illustrate poor standards.
















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