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Now I am baffled. Just a few weeks ago, I gave the news that Dublin would have three Congress weekends this year.

I heard on Sunday last that Bray will again consist of just the Swiss teams in September and have cancelled the rest of what would have been a full Congress.

I did not discover just why the change of heart.

One of the most pleasant events of the past year was the new Carlow Congress, and it is again due for the first weekend in May at the excellent Seven Oaks Hotel in Carlow. More details later.

Something puzzles me and I will return to it at a later date. According to the Irish Bridge magazine, Ireland will field a team of four as their second Senior Camrose team. That is not true.

To what level do you make take-out doubles. Here is a classic from the Greystones Open Cup.

Bidding (both vul) SWN E 2HP4H 4S All pass.

If E doubles on this hand, will W leave it in? That's the big question.

If not, what is the corrcet bid?

Double is, of course, but it must be for take-out or a large duck flies in.

Here E closed her eyes and bid 4S, finding, of course a miracle dummy.

As you can see, 7C is stone cold.








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