Tuesday 24 October 2017

Narrow escape for spear fisherman as Giant White Shark creeps up from behind

Credit: Youtube
Credit: Youtube

David Kearns

A South African fisherman lives to dive another day after he managed to discourage a Giant White Shark from attacking.

In a striking video, Johan Potgieter (27) can be seen diving with friends when a shark swims past him.

The fisherman shrieks in terror when he notices the sea monster in the murky water and attempts to reach the surface when he sees it is circling him.

Instinctively he jabs the predator with his spear gun when it approaches him, but rather than swim off, the shark turns and begins to bear down on him.

At the last second however, the shark backs out and disappears out of sight.

“White! Look out for the white!” Mr Potgieter yells to his friends as he reaches the surface and sees them on a nearby boat.

"Did you see it? It almost ate me!"

"The Shark was clearly now in attack mode," the 27-year-old wrote, having uploaded the video to YouTube on Monday.

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