Sunday 18 August 2019

Naomi Klein: I finally ‘got lucky’ when I had my first child

She is appearing as a guest on Desert Island Discs.

Naomi Klein on Desert Island Discs (BBC)
Naomi Klein on Desert Island Discs (BBC)

By Sherna Noah

Author and activist Naomi Klein says she finally “got lucky” when she had her first child at 42.

The Canadian writer, 47, famous for books such as No Logo, has written about her struggle to become a mother.

And now she tells Sunday’s instalment of Desert Island Discs: “I started trying to become a mother at 38. I wasn’t successful until I was 42.

“There were a lot of miscarriages and I also did IVF and that didn’t work. And in the end I just got lucky.”

Klein’s son, now five, was recently diagnosed as high functioning autistic.

“For me, what’s important is giving him lots of experiences in nature that connects him,” she tells host Kirsty Young.

Royal Television Society Programme Awards 2016 – London

“I don’t think we can save things unless we love them and are connected to them.”

Klein, whose first book No Logo was published in 1999, jokes on the BBC Radio 4 show that she is not wearing her wedding ring because “I don’t like logos”.

But she adds: “I’m double jointed and my knuckles are wide. I have a wedding ring, I just don’t wear it.”

On her work as an author and activist, she says: “I don’t think that books change the world. I believe that movements change the world.

“I never thought, I had a right as a writer to tell people what we should be doing.”

Naomi Klein is on Desert Island Discs at 11.15am on BBC Radio 4 on Sunday.

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