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Nadia insists she's not Stuck on golfer Rory

Nadia Forde

It's the rumour that won't go away - but model-slash-singer Nadia Forde insists reports of her brief relationship with world-famous golfer Rory McIlroy are exaggerated.

"Oh, stop it! Get over it! It is not true," she exclaims, before insisting again: "It is not true!"

Be that as it may, her new song Stuck is, she explains, "about being in a phase with a guy and you're not sure where you stand. And you are stuck in-between whether you want to pursue or whether you don't. And your feelings are all over the place. So you're stuck".

Stuck? Is that because he's a sports man?

"What? I didn't write the song!" Nadia laughs again.

What percentage of Irish people do you think didn't believe you when you said that you and Rory McIlroy were just friends? "A lot of them!"

To give Ms Forde the full credit she deserves, she handles the interrogation with wit and good grace and no little sense of humour.

Not least when I asked her - as you do - would she go to bed with Mr McIlroy for one night of passion if it would wipe out, in one swoop, the negative equity debt of all the citizens of Ireland.

"I would have to think about that! Make sure you make it clear only under circumstances of getting rid of negative equity would I consider a kiss though! Jesus, I'm having nightmares of how it will be twisted online!"

In the last month, Nadia has, she says, been "literally living like a gypsy. I'm living between hotels and then I'm back in a flat in London and then back in a hotel. Even when I go home to Dublin I'm in a hotel. So it's mad. But I think it is just the nature of the job. I had a gig in Dubai last week. The week before I was in Dublin. The week before I was in London. I am going to be in Manchester next week for work."

In terms of where Nadia would like to permanently live in the future, she says it depends where work takes her - "and also," she adds returning to matters romantic.

"I don't know where I want to have a family and stuff. I mean, I would love to go back and have a family in Ireland, but first I have to meet someone to have babies with, you know?" On February 10, Nadia is flying back to Dublin to host the premiere of the movie The Wedding Ringer.

Asked would she like to have a wedding ring on her finger one day and settle down, she ponders perhaps the imponderable before answering thus: "I haven't thought that far ahead. I guess I'd like to think I will."

But Nadia insists she is far too busy right now for a boyfriend, even if he is a mega-famous millionaire sport star.

And she certainly hasn't met Mr Right yet.

"So far?" she grimaces. "I'm only 25. I don't know if I've had a great love of my life yet."

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