Monday 22 July 2019

Nadia a runaway winner at Cheltenham

Don't frighten the horses? Wearing a high-visibility - to say nothing of high-bling - orange jumper dress, thigh-high black boots and a black hat at The Cheltenham Festival on Wednesday, it was more a case of Nadia Forde frightening the bookies than the actual nags.

Not least because she won a few quid on that fab, fast nag Windsor Park.

"It was the first horse I bet on," Nadia told me. "I am not telling you how much I won!"

The reality TV star turned FHM cover star turned pop star travelled to the second day of the famous racing fest with "a bunch of friends who are involved in horse racing."

Asked what she thought of Cheltenham in general, she told me last Thursday that she regards it as "a great day out for friends - and it's fun."

Also fun was Ronan Keating's beautiful partner Storm Uechtritz who switches on the green light at The Marker Hotel on Wednesday night to kick off the St Patrick's Day fun on Grand Canal Square. The tres trendy hotel, which is about to celebrate its second birthday, is matching the cost of all the electricity used, courtesy of Ms Storm's charitable act, over the next week with a sizable donation to The Marie Keating Foundation.

What about the cost to the ozone layer?

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