Saturday 25 January 2020

My perfect weekend: TG4 presenter Sinéad Ní Loideáin

Ed Power

The plan for Saturday night?

Sad to say, I'll be working!

The whole night?

Well, until 11 anyway. So I'll get home around 12am.

Probably pointless to ask you what your must-see gig of the night is then?

Actually, there's a fundraiser for Cancer Care West that I might go along to after work. People like Hot House Flowers and Frankie Gavin will be at it. It's taking place in Carraroe.

Pub/club/restaurant you couldn't live without?

I would have to say Taaffe's in Galway. It's kind of an institution. You'd go in there and talk to everyone. Afterwards, you'd be off to the Front Door or Halo.

Best weekend ever?

A few weeks ago we went to the Aran Islands for a party. There is no shut-down time for the bar, so it can be damaging to say the least.

Worst weekend ever?

Can a best weekend be your worst weekend too? Because we had to get a boat to the islands and I suffer from terrible sea-sickness. I stood at the edge of the boat and looked straight in front of me.

Favourite pre-going out ritual?

Loud music and a couple of glasses of wine, I suppose. That makes everything look rosy. And a bit of a chat, too.

Top post-pub munchies?

In Galway, it has to be Supermac's doesn't it? I'm a big fan of chips with garlic and cheese. Afterwards, you stink of garlic. Next morning, you wake up with a furry tongue.

Weirdest taxi queue moment?

I start getting angry when you see people jumping the queue, especially after a few drinks. It's like, 'excuse me, but the queue starts HERE'.

Best chat-up line at 2am?

You hear them all don't you? A few weeks ago, a guy told me he was a martial arts expert and could make sure I got home safely. He was this scrawny fella with a bag of chips sticking out of his pocket. I don't think so...

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