Tuesday 10 December 2019

My perfect weekend: Panti

Ed Power

The plan for Saturday night?

My plan will be to wash the dog, then head into Pantibar. Of course, this weekend will be relatively quiet for me 'cos the weekend after will be Alternative Miss Ireland, the busiest weekend of the year. I'll be up to high dudgeon until then. The good times will have to take a back seat.

So it's going to be the calm before the storm?

Well, maybe calm isn't the right word! There will be costume fittings, I'll be dealing with contestants and all of that kind of stuff.

Tell us about your dog.

I have a Jack Russell. On a Saturday evening, I generally dump her in the bath first. Then we go to the pub. She has a room downstairs and takes a nap while the craziness is going on. Her name is Penny and she's the easiest-going Jack Russell ever. Very calm and unbarky.

Must see gig or performance of the weekend?

God... next weekend? No. Oooh... I don't know what's on. I'm clearing my decks for the weekend after.

Pub/restaurant/club you couldn't live without?

Well, the obvious answer is Pantibar! But if I can't say Pantibar, I'd have to say Jack Nealon's [across the road on Capel Street]. I can slip over and have a quiet pint. It's an oasis.

Best weekend ever?

Electric Picnic when the weather is good.

Worst weekend ever?

I once spent 49 hours trapped in the airport in Malaga. The plane arrived to take me home and it ran into the side of the baggage truck. The door was damaged. We were in the airport for two days waiting for a new plane.

Pre-going out ritual?

I like to have a bath and take a 'disco nap' -- no longer than 40 minutes.

Best for post-pub munchies?

Rick's on Dame Street. They have some sort of magic ingredient.

Best chat up line at 2am?

Oooh, probably: "Didn't we sleep together before and it was good?"

Panti hosts Alternative Miss Ireland at Olympia Theatre, Dublin, March 14

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