Sunday 26 January 2020

My Perfect Weekend: Craig Doyle

Ed Power

The plan for Saturday night?

I'll be in Disneyland Paris with the kids, so I imagine by the time they are asleep, I'll be locked in the wardrobe drinking neat gin after a day of €25 hamburgers!

Must see gig/performance of the weekend?

The Disney marching band and parade . Oh God, where is that gin?

Pub / restaurant/ club you couldn't live without...

Ritz Carlton Enniskerry. It has managed to break the 'stuffiness' of the chain and become a warm and wonderful local hangout for all of us in the area.

Best weekend ever...

Manchester -- after playing footy at a packed Old Trafford with Maradona and Zola. The post match party in the city was awesome.

Worst weekend ever...

I have worked most weekends for the past 15 years. Bad weekends off just don't happen in my world.

Favourite pre-going out ritual

Em, I think you have mistaken me for a woman -- real blokes don't do that!

Top post-pub munchies?

They do this thing in Sweden -- it's a hot giant wrap filled with mashed potato, beans and sausage. Student gastronomy at its best.

Weirdest taxi queue moment?

Actually getting one in Dublin on a Saturday night!

Best chat-up line at 2am...

"Will I get up to feed the baby" -- welcome to my world.

Your perfect date

I should say out with my wife Doon for a romantic meal etc etc . But it's hard to beat a Friday night on the jar with the lads at a Leinster home game at the RDS. Let's not tell the boss!

Craig Doyle is brand ambassador for UPC Ireland

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