Wednesday 21 February 2018

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Sarah Miles: actress and movie star

Sarah Miles
Sarah Miles
Robert Bolt

Sarah Miles is an English theatre and film actress, writer and now a healer. Her late husband, screenwriter Robert Bolt, adapted Madame Bovary into a story set during the 1916 Easter Rebellion in Ireland. Directed by David Lean, Ryan's Daughter, with Miles as the lead, was shot on the Dingle Peninsula, and brought her a Best Actress Oscar nomination and a BAFTA nomination.

She wrote a trilogy of memoirs - A Right Royal Bastard, Serves Me Right, and Bolt from the Blue. Her first novel was Beautiful Mourning and she has just finished her second novel of Ryan's Daughter, which takes the story quite a bit further to her hiding from the IRA in Dublin, out later this year. She will officially open the Dingle International Film Festival with a screening of Ryan's Daughter on Thursday next, St Patrick's Day.

TV show: Donald Trump

The Donald trump Show! He's hilarious…. but dangerous? I doubt it. I think he's merely getting a kick out of ruffling the Establishment's feathers. If he won and became President,

he'd calm down, humble himself, and listen to those with more experience than he. No, I'm sure he'd do a good job and let in Muslims! .

Film: Kind Hearts and Coronets

I don't watch many movies anymore. They don't make them like they used to - that's for sure! (Or maybe I'm just getting old!) I get sent most of them free for voting purposes, because I'm a member of the Academy, but I hardly ever sit down to watch them. I've always been able to smell a good movie, but nowadays I seem to have lost my sense of smell. I made a vow when I was young that I wouldn't do violent movies, special-effects movies or be linked to any brand or product. How stupid can you be, eh? Little did I know how violence, special effects and selling products would take over the whole business. I believe you cannot move any adult on a soul level with special effects. There's a great hole in the market. So many of the over-45s are craving adult movies with a beginning, a middle and an end, but sadly they're not getting any. My all time favourite is Kind Hearts and Coronets (with the brilliant Alec Guinness playing several roles). Any film with Jean Gabin in it. Now there's real acting. Jean Renoir, Truffeau….

Book: Koran

At present I'm reading the Koran - or rather ploughing through it. I need to comprehend at a deeper level what all the fuss is about. I'm continually surprised by the many mentions of Jesus, Mary, angels etc. The Bible and the Koran are pretty much the same, so why fight over such slight differences? I find this whole religion thingy deeply baffling and becoming rather old fashioned.

Play: Flowering Cherry

My husband Robert Bolt's first play Flowering Cherry, which was a huge hit in the late 1950s, starring Ralph Richardson and Celia Johnson, was revived for the first time recently. I really enjoyed it, as did everyone else. Robert would have been very proud of the reaction and reviews it received.

Music: Beethoven and Elvis

Always was and always will be, Beethoven and Elvis!

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