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Zooey turns up the volume


Zooey and M Ward

Zooey and M Ward

Album Review: She & Him Volume 3 (Double Six) ***

Counting their Christmas album from a couple of years back, this is the fourth collaboration between Hollywood actress Zooey Deschanel and LA troubadour M Ward – and it's the best so far.

Turn to White is sumptuous thanks to the lavish orchestration and Deschanel's expressive singing (her vocal talents have improved considerably), while Someone Sweet to Talk To also sounds as though it was fashioned by Phil Spector in his early 1960s heyday.

There's a lot of whimsy here – just as there was on the preceding albums, and in Zooey's acting career, come to that. But her heart is in the right place, even in the songs that don't work such as their cover of Blondie's Sunday Girl – their version is a little too faithful to the original and her vocals just don't cut it when one thinks of Debbie Harry.

Incidentally, things are looking up for Deschanel on all fronts. Her TV sitcom New Girl has been a critical smash on both sides of the Atlantic.

KEY TRACKS Turn to White; Somebody Sweet to Talk To

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