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Thursday 21 November 2019

'X Factor' star Cowell breaks into top 10 music millionaires

Simon Cowell has entered the top 10 music millionaires. Photo: Getty Images
Simon Cowell has entered the top 10 music millionaires. Photo: Getty Images

Anthony Barnes in London

Simon Cowell has leapfrogged stars such as Elton John and Mick Jagger to rocket into the top 10 of music millionaires.

'The X Factor' and 'Britain's Got Talent' boss has seen his wealth soar by a further £35m (€39m) in the past year.

Cowell's £200m (€222m) fortune places him at sixth in the list of British and Irish music millionaires to be published this weekend, just one place behind old friend and rival Simon Fuller. He is still £175m (€195m) behind Fuller, the man behind TV shows 'Pop Idol' and 'American Idol'.

In the past year Cowell -- boss of production company Syco -- has signed a new deal with ITV and is also preparing to launch a US version of 'The X Factor'.

Earlier this week he announced plans to launch a new gameshow fronted by Ant and Dec called 'Red Or Black?' and has talked of launching a global pop show in the future.

Clive Calder tops the UK music millionaire section of the 23rd Rich List, with a fortune of £1.3bn (€1.45bn), made from the sale of his Zomba Records in 2002.

He has regained his position at number one after the 2010 chart-topper Edgar Bronfman moved back to New York from London.

New entries to this year's top 50 include AC/DC singer Brian Johnson who is estimated to be worth £50m (€56m), according to the list compiled by wealth expert Philip Beresford.

He is ranked at 42, jointly with Cliff Richard and Van Morrison. The highest new entry at 34 is claimed by Moya Doherty and John McColgan, who own the Irish dance show Riverdance and are said to be worth £70m (€78m).

The top 10 music millionaires according to the 'Sunday Times' Rich List 2011 are:

1. Clive Calder -- £1.3bn

2. Andrew Lloyd-Webber -- £680m

3. Cameron Mackintosh -- £675m

4. Paul McCartney -- £495m

5. Simon Fuller -- £375m

6. Simon Cowell -- £200m

7. Elton John -- £195m

8. Mick Jagger -- £190m

9. Sting -- £180m

10. Keith Richards -- £175m

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