Windmill Lane Sessions

About the Windmill Lane Sessions 21.11.14

The Windmill Lane Sessions, exclusive to, aims to profile some of the best Irish and International musical acts on the scene right now. The exclusive content filmed at the iconic Windmill Lane Recording Studios features live recordings, galleries and exclusive interviews with in an original and intimate format.

The unique Playlists  feature allows users to put the recordings on random "shuffle" - and listen or watch on desktop or mobile. Each week we will be releasing a new artist. 

Windmill Lane Recording Studios, widely referred to as the 'U2 studio', is a three-storey music recording studio located on Ringsend Rd., Dublin, Ireland and has been at the heart of the Irish recording industry for almost 40 years. It was once located on Windmill Lane, a small street just south of City Quay and the River Liffey, which has now become famous for the graffiti tributes that adorn the building. The studios were originally opened by Brian Masterson in 1978, who was the company director and head engineer, and it was originally used to record traditional music.

That was until U2 came along and began to record there and immediately changed the face of music recording in both Dublin and Ireland. Prior to this, Irish rock bands such as Thin Lizzy or The Boomtown Rats, carried out their recordings outside Ireland. Windmill Lane now represents the Holy Grail of recording venues for Irish, as well as International, musicians.

In the recent past, Pulse College took over Windmill Lane and renovated the studios to industry standard. The multimedia college has transformed the facilities with state of the art equipment, which encompasses not only 3 fully equipped recording studios, but also a creative hub for digital media training in areas of music production, film production, game development and animation. In more recent years, world famous clients to the studios have included Lady GaGa, Kinds of Leon, The Script and Norah Jones.