Tuesday 21 January 2020

Whitney Houston's daughter opens up to Oprah, as Bobbi Brown seeks murder probe

Bobbi Kristina is hugged by Oprah during their interview on the OWN network.
Bobbi Kristina is hugged by Oprah during their interview on the OWN network.
Oprah and Whitney at the 2009 interview.
Whitney Houston fans at a candlelight vigil in Leimert Park in Los Angeles (AP)
Whitney Houston's mother Cissy arrives in New Jersey ahead of the star's funeral
Whitney with daughter Bobbi Kristina and ex-husband Bobby Brown

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BOBBI KRISTINA, the 19-year-old daughter of Whitney Houston, has recorded an interview with the chat show host, just three weeks after her mother’s death.

A promo for the interview to be broadcast on Sunday night in the US on OWN, Oprah’s own channel, shows Bobbi hugging Oprah during the broadcast.

Oprah has faced criticism in the US for doing the interview with the teen so soon after her mother’s death on February 11. Bobbi Kristina was treated for anxiety in Cedars Sinai hospital the day after her mother’s body was discovered in a bath tub in the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

One commentator on the TMZ website said: "If you (Bobbi Kristina) truly do trust her, I honestly believe she would respect you and not ask for an interview that she could profit on.”

US news sites are reporting friends of Houston's daughter say she trusts Winfrey to be respectful in the interview, quoting her as saying Winfrey who was a guest at Houston’s funeral in New Jersey: "was loyal to my mom, and never did my mother wrong, or made her look bad. She always looked out for my mom."

The interview also includes conversations with Houston’s brother, Gary, and sister-in-law, Patricia. Oprah is shown to ask Gary: "As a big brother, how did you feel about Bobby Brown?"

The interview comes as it has been reported that relatives of Bobby Brown are said to be seeking a murder investigation into the circumstances surrounding her death.

Unidentified people, claiming to be members of Bobby Brown's family have apparently been in touch with the LA coroner claiming to have someone who holds information supporting the murder theory.

The LA coroner’s office has refused to comment on the allegations, amid reports that The Bodyguard star’s death will almost certainly be ruled an accident.

The late singer gave her last in-depth interview on the Oprah Winfrey show in 2009, during which she described her ex-husband as “my drug”, and said: “I didn’t do anything without him”.

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