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Where are they now?

Peter Tork (now 69)

The oldest and quietest Monkee, Tork fought a hard battle against drink and drug abuse before a short jail term for drug possession in the early 70s led to him cleaning up his act and becoming a music teacher.

Mike Nesmith (68)

The Reluctant Monkee, Nesmith hardly needs the money, having inherited $25m dollars from his mother Bette, a Texan typist and secretary who invented Liquid Paper -- the US version of Tippex.

Bette Nesmith came up with a mix of paint and thinners that she eventually turned into a multi-million-dollar business.

Mike, a successful country artist in his post-Monkee career, also developed the original pop video TV format that was sold to the Time Warner corporation and became the MTV network in the early 80s.

Mickey Dolenz (65)

The drummer, vocalist and joker of the Monkees, he relocated to England in the 70s, was married three times and forged a career in TV production.

Davy Jones (65)

The Manchester-born child actor and jockey was the cute one and remains a heart-throb to a generation of women raised on The Monkees.

He was in the early Coronation Street shows before his US career took off. Since quitting the US he has had a successful career as a racehorse trainer and occasional jockey in England.

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