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‘When Corona is just a beer and there’s no danger’- teacher pens uplifting song on post-lockdown life


Eoin Manning, a secondary school teacher in Westmeath.

Eoin Manning, a secondary school teacher in Westmeath.

Eoin Manning, a secondary school teacher in Westmeath.

A Westmeath teacher has penned an uplifting song about life after restrictions to spread hope during this lockdown and said he is “chuffed” with the reaction he has had.

Eoin Manning, an English and Religion teacher in Moate, Co Westmeath, released a music video titled The Craic Will Come Again.

In the song, he talks about how current measures are only temporary and how once again we will be able to “breathe free air, kiss a stranger, Corona is a beer and there’s no danger.”

The 35-year-old said he decided to write the song after talking to a friend of his who was struggling, and said he hopes it can raise people’s spirits during this tough time.

"I wrote the song two weeks ago after talking to a couple of friends of mine- people in their mid-twenties, this guy, in particular, is really positive ordinarily, a really positive lad but he just seemed really down and I was worried about him,” he told Independent.ie.

“So, this is what the song is kind of about, it’s speaking to him and everyone really... I just imagine myself in college years, I’m 35 now, but I’m imagining myself when I was 22 or 23 and imagine at that age and all of a sudden there’s no craic anymore?”

Mr Manning said he really feels for students and young people at the moment, but this is what the song is about- it’s not exactly about hope but holding on and staying patient, as no matter what ‘the craic will come again’.

Video of the Day

After initially recording the song on his phone, two of his friends decided to jump on board the project and the music video came to life in just two short weeks.

Before the video came out, the teacher admitted that he was worried about the reaction his students would have- but since it’s been nothing but positive, he would love to create more music.

"My main concern before the video came out was that it wouldn’t land well with the students, that the students would be like ‘awh this lad is an embarrassment”, he said.

“I genuinely was really concerned but the students love it, they are all about it! The Leaving Certs are back this week and they are all coming up to me and thanking me for it, so it’s great I’m chuffed.

"So off the back of that would I like to do more of this? Yeah, I think I would.”

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