Sunday 26 January 2020

Weekender... Bressie Chills Out


Niall Breslin enjoys his own company. Photo: Gerry Mooney
Niall Breslin enjoys his own company. Photo: Gerry Mooney

Sarah Caden

My weeks are pretty manic, and I spend a lot of time surrounded by people, so I like to try and have some time to myself at the weekends. The Hill of Uisneach outside Mullingar is a special place if you want some peace, and I've always had a love for the lakes of Westmeath. I enjoy my own company, and think it's important to give yourself some solace in all the chaos. Combining exercise and nature is important, so cycling tends to be part of my weekend.

Musicians, in general, don't have weekends off. Our work is almost always indoors, so getting outside is really key to quality downtime. If I can, I like to get out to the South Wall and the lighthouse at Ringsend. I also love the Phoenix Park; it has the same feel of being somewhere other than in the middle of the city.

If I'm having friends over for dinner, I've a tendency to lean towards a curry as my go-to meal. Curries are great to feed bigger groups of friends, and taste amazing the next day, too, if you go over the top. If I'm not cooking, sleeping, or catching up with mates, I'm usually stuck to the TV watching a sporting fixture of some description!

Sunday lunch is my favourite meal of the week. I have more time to put a roast dinner together, and it's always better if there's a good group of friends or family. Being a Midlands man, beef will be my favourite, especially with potatoes and plenty of veg, like roasted cauliflower. A roast chicken or some Hampshire pork will always go down a treat, too.

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