Thursday 18 July 2019

WATCH: Kodaline talk Courtney Cox, Croke Park, LA, and post Ed Sheeran comedown chippers

Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

It has been an eventful year for Dublin rockers Kodaline having released their second album, played Croke Park with Ed Sheeran for 90,000 people, and befriended a Friend, who went on to direct their latest music video.

The result of the latter collaboration, the Courteney Cox helmed video for their latest single 'Love Will Set You Free' from the album Coming Up for Air, has just been released and the general consensus is it's a poignant, emotive, and stylish piece of work.

Beautifully shot, it features the four lads - Steve, Mark, Vinny and Jason - in more intimate moments writing music together, hanging with friends, and performing on stage.

"It was a lot of fun recording it and shooting the video," says Vinny.  "We co-wrote the song with [Snow Patrol's] Johnny McDaid, Courteney's fiance.  She just loved the song so much and she was really passionate about it and annoyed us to shoot a music video!"

Courtney Cox tweeted a pic of Kodaline from new video Love Will Set You Free
Courtney Cox tweeted a pic of Kodaline from new video Love Will Set You Free

Steve adds, "It was strange how it came about.  We were in her house just hanging out, I think we were shooting pool or whatever, and she just goes, 'I love this song so much, I'd really like to shoot a video for it.  We kind of dismissed it because it's Courteney Cox."

Vinny laughs, "We thought she was drunk or something!"

Whether or not she'd had a tipple, Courteney was serious, and she shot the video with the guys at her lavish Malibu pad with cameos from her daughter Coco (11) and Johnny.

"We flew our friends over, for some of them it was their time LA and they fly into LA and they head straight to Courteney's house - Courteney Cox from Friends. It was quite bizarre," reveals Steve.

Mark explains that the concept of the video was Courteney's idea, "We spent two weeks in her house - she got to know us.  She said, 'Ive seen your videos but I don't see you, your personalities in the videos' which is not what we tried to do.  She said, 'I want to shoot a video of you guys just here on the beach in LA just hanging out with your friends, being yourselves.'"

As far as shoots go, it was a walk in the park.

"We do a lot of photoshoots and videos and we've done videos before where we're walking and singing," says Steve, "And it can be quite awkward.  It usually doesn't look awkward but we're very awkward!"

"They use the few seconds that we're not awkward," laughs Mark as Vinny adds, "Being told to act natural is the one moment you freeze up.  It was nice to relax and be able to have a few beers and just chill out.  And it's just us."

Kodaline almost stole the show from Ed Sheeran during his two Croke Park gigs earlier this month when they appeared on stage, not least when Jay proposed to his girlfriend Etaoin Corr on the second night.

Of performing to a crowd of 90,000 people, Mark says, "It was incredible. I've been trying to describe it to people but it's impossible.  It was the loudest we've ever heard a crowd singing in our life."

Jay adds, "After the first night it was just such an amazing thing.  We all left and didn't even talk to each other.  I walked the whole way home."

Steve adds, "I just think it's hilarious that Jay played to 90,000 people and then just walked off stage and walked home, ended up in a chipper and there was a dude, a little kid there who was at the gig, and he was just looking at Jay, couldn't believe it, it couldn't be him in a chipper!"

DG proposal.jpg
July 25: Jay Boland of Kodaline proposes to girlfriend Eatoin Corr on stage with Ed Sheeran at Croke Park. Ed Sheeran had teased fans with a cryptic tweet earlier in the day stating he had "something planned for tonight you won't expect".

Even Ed was amazed by the response to the Dublin band.

"What surprised us the most was all 90,000 people sang our song and we've never had a crowd that big sing our song," says Steve. "And even Ed said afterwards, he goes, "I've never heard a crowd sing that loud", and that's coming from Ed Sheeran."

On the second night Jay proposed on stage to Etaoin in a move he had only planned the previous night.

"It was all very last minute," he reveals.  "It was only after that first night, I thought, 'I have to do something.  Tomorrow is going to be one of the most special moments of our life.' I went out and got a ring on the Saturday and just texted Ed and he texted me back.  If he didn't text back it wasn't going to happen."

Steve laughs, "You've probably pissed off a lot of dudes!"

"Yeah, it's the first time we've had haters on the internet," says Jay.

Single Mark jokes, "You've raised the bar.  What am I going to do?  I've to find one first..."

"There's always Bruce Springsteen" ventures Jay.

"Yeah, run on stage and security throws us out," says Steve.

Courteney tweeted a photograph with Irish band Kodaline earlier this week.

The lads all live in Dublin and despite their sojourn in LA hobnobbing with Courteney Cox and Johnny McDaid they have no intention of leaving the capital.

"No chance," says Mark.

"I was dying to leave Ireland before we released that EP," says Steve, "We'd just signed deals. We moved to Brighton, we didn't even have Jay in the band at that time, we spent a lot of time in the UK.  Now that, me personally, I've travelled all over the world, I love Dublin.  I can't see myself living anywhere in the world but on the northside of Dublin."

Given their 3Arena Dublin and INEC Killarney December shows sold out in minutes this morning we may well see the lads headlining Croke Park themselves next year.

"That would be a dream," says Steve wistfully.

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