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WATCH: Graham Norton disguises Adele to shock her impersonators at an open audition


Adele dressed up as 'Jenny' to perform for a group of impersonators

Adele dressed up as 'Jenny' to perform for a group of impersonators

Adele dressed up as 'Jenny' to perform for a group of impersonators

Adele played the part of "Jenny" in a skit for Adele At The BBC, where she auditioned alongside a group of Adele impersonators.

As well as performing and chatting with Graham Norton during the TV special, she filmed a comedy sketch, donning a prosthetic chin and nose to subtly alter her appearance for the audition. Long gloves covered the tell-tale tattoo of "Angelo" on her hand.

Nine Adele impersonators were then invited to the Wimbledon Theatre to audition for Norton's new top-secret TV show.

They were joined by "Jenny" as they waited backstage for their audition, with the Grammy-winning singer reinventing herself as a part-time nanny with a "calm and slow" voice.

Backstage, she told the other impersonators that business had been "a bit slow recently" due to "not much demand".

Pretending to be nervous, "Jenny" was comforted by the other singers when she says she feels sick and dizzy ahead of her performance. Due on last, she missed her cue to start Make You Feel My Love.

But when "Jenny" started singing, the game was up within a few bars as t he impersonators started to realise they were watching the real Adele. Disbelief turned to joy and tears.

Tallulah Windmill, from Bath, said: "I was chatting to her for ages backstage. When she started to be nervous I was confused as she said she'd been an impersonator for four years so I thought 'come on love, you shouldn't be nervous.' I also thought she was a rubbish impersonator as when have you ever seen Adele wear gloves?"

Adele impersonator Katie Markham said: "As soon as the first words were sung I knew it was her. I perform as Adele for a living so I know exactly how she sings every note. Nobody else noticed at first and I had to keep telling everyone: 'It's Adele'! The whole experience was mind blowing. It is almost overwhelming to think that we met our idol."

Stacey Lee Richards, a vocalist and Adele tribute act, said: " ' I thought she was strange and strange looking, but I didn't want to judge her. I just thought she was a weirdo. I didn't realise it was her until the second verse as I didn't think anything like that would ever happen to me and I didn't believe it for two days afterwards."

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