Friday 24 January 2020

WATCH: An Irish hooley broke out at The Celt Bar and it looks like the best craic

Conor McCrave

A spur of the moment hooley broke out at a Dublin pub last night complete with Irish dancing and trad instruments.

The music session at The Celt Bar on Talbot Street was completely unplanned and caught the attention of a barmaid in the pub who added her Irish dancing skills to the mix.

The young woman, who is originally from New Zealand, had been working at the bar for a number of months and got involved when the band, The Tan and Sober Gentleman, took to the floor.

Bar Owner Noel Tynan said he has seen landlords telling bands they can’t have a spontaneous music session in bars but insists “it is part of the cead mile failte” that people expect in Ireland.

“Music has always been in my family, my parents played instruments and my sons play piano and they all sing," he said.

“This event went down very well."

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