Monday 18 November 2019

Video: Jedward mania catches on ahead of Eurovision

Jedward were rehearsing for Eurovision in Dusseldorf, Germany, yesterday, but will their charm be enough to get them past Thursday’s semi-final?
Jedward were rehearsing for Eurovision in Dusseldorf, Germany, yesterday, but will their charm be enough to get them past Thursday’s semi-final?
Jedward pose on a motorbike in Dusseldorf , the host city for Eurovision
Irelands Leanne Moore backing singer with Jedward

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THEY are the cardboard quiffs which sell for a fiver. They are known as 'Jedheads', and everyone seems to be wearing one -- including the Mayor of Dusseldorf when he staged a welcome reception for the 43 participating delegations in this year's Eurovision Song Contest over the weekend.

For the Eurovision media it was the first chance to interview and photograph this year's entrants as they arrived on the red carpet at Dusseldorf Townhall.

Many of the artists wore extraordinary outfits and extraordinary haircuts, but no one could top the sticky-up look of Ireland's representatives as they emerged into the European limelight.

"I'm John". . . "And I'm Edward," said the seasoned pros as they immediately began working the red carpet, smiling, shaking hands and dishing out sound bites.

Both brothers wore red top coats designed by Dublin tailor Louis Copeland, who told the Irish Independent he had created them "in order to get them noticed".

It was certainly working on Saturday night as Jedward went about their charm offensive. "We spoke to French, Spanish, British, Russian, Italian, Belgium and Dutch television," said John.

"One camera crew after another. It took us about an hour to get down the red carpet," he added.

But there were dignitaries to meet as well, including the evening's host, Dirk Elbers, the Lord Mayor of Dusseldorf. Although in charge of a city of more than half a million people, he was soon sporting a Jedhead.

"We gave him a David Hasselhoff CD. He loves his TV show 'Knight Rider'," Edward said.

The 19-year-olds also had flowers for Lena Meyer-Landrut, the winner of last year's contest, who they asked on a date after she revealed Jedward were her favourite act in this year's competition.

UK entry Blue were happy to ham it up for the camera with their Irish rivals, along with Dana International, this year's Israeli performer and a former competition winner.

However the song, 'Ding Dong' from the world's most famous transgender pop star is no match for Jedward's track 'Lipstick' whose catchy chorus: "She's got her lipstick on, here I come, da da dum" was rapidly turning into an earworm at Eurovision after Jedward performed it again at last night's rehearsals.

The infectious tune, penned by writers Dan Priddy, Lars Jensen and Martin Larson, will have to fight it out against 18 other entries, including rival twins from Slovenia, Daniela and Veronika Nizlova (24), in the second Eurovision semi-final on Thursday night.

Jedward, performing last in the city's Espirit Arena, will need to finish in the top 10 of that heat in order to make it to the main Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday night.

Dusseldorf can expect more Jedheads this week as hundreds of fans arrive from Ireland and the UK to support the 'X Factor' finalists in their Eurovision bid.

The twins will spend today doing more press as well as working with vocal coaches and choreographers.

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