Wednesday 17 January 2018

Vex Appeal: Pop Stars You Love To Hate (Or At Least Mildly Dislike)

1 Sting A man who rarely leaves the house without his trusty lute and codpiece, Sting has spent the past 20 years trying to cast off whatever credibility he achieved with The Police.

Whether holding forth on the thrills of Tantric Sex or banging on about how we should all do more to save the rainforests, he certainly can't be accused of stinting on the job.

2 Ronan Keating It takes a special talent to project Olympian smugness whilst mugging your way through a boy-band version of 'When The Going Gets Tough (The Tough Get Going)'. Somehow, Keating manages to pull it off every time.

If there was an upside to the return of Boyzone it was that it at least put Ronan's simpering solo career on the backburner.

3 Lady Gaga So desperate for attention it is starting to feel like a mania, Gaga will do anything to commandeer the spotlight, even starring in a one-woman lesbian prison romp and wearing an evening gown made out of meat.

Saddest of all, you suspect she genuinely regards herself as a subversive figure.

4 Axl Rose The Guns 'n' Roses frontman stormed off stage at The O2 recently after a punter chucked a bottle at him.

Well, that's to be expected when you arrive an hour late Axl. Maybe we could forgive his antics if he still made decent songs.

5 Justin Bieber Looking all of 12 years old and with a haircut that might have served as a Farrelly Brothers movie punchline, Bieber has managed to become a superstar without anyone old enough to vote having heard any of his music.

Never mind -- his creepily antiseptic teen dreamboat persona and deathly pallor is enough to put us off, as it is.

6 Kanye West No awards ceremony is complete without West storming the stage and proclaiming the event a travesty because Beyonce didn't win a gong.

As if you didn't dislike him already, his new album is called -- oh dear -- My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

7 Danny from the Script So earnest you want to step back in case it might be contagious, Script frontman Danny is under the impression that he's singing from the same songbook as Bono and Bowie.

In fact, he sounds like Gary Barlow fronting Coldplay.

8 Brandon Flowers The good news is that The Killers singer has finally stopped turning up at concerts with a dead eagle strapped to his jacket.

The bad news: he can't decide whether or not to wear a goatee.

9 Nick Cave An odd looking Australian delivers creepy lyrics in the style of Johnny Cash after a night on the cigars.

You'd think he would score a few novelty singles in the 80s and then slouch back to the outback. In fact, Cave is extolled as one of the foremost songwriters of our age -- even when he's just trying to give you a headache.

10 Win Butler from Arcade Fire Oooh, the fanboys will be burning up the Twittersphere after this.

But let's be honest, there's something off-puttingly grumpy about the world's most acclaimed stadium rock band's frontman.

On the positive side, the group's new album is very good -- so, who knows, maybe Win will crack a smile when Arcade Fire sweep into the O2 in December.

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