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Tuesday 21 January 2020

Usher comments on the rumour of an Adele duet

Usher is impressed with Adele as an artist
Usher is impressed with Adele as an artist

Usher has said the collaboration between him and Adele is only at the "rumour" stage - although he would still like to do it.

The singer, who last week said the world needed an Usher-Adele collaboration, told Kiss FM that no discussions had yet taken place.

He said: "It's a rumour now... but I would love to work with her. I think she's incredible as a vocalist and in terms of an artist.

"The artist that I think really keeps the integrity of the soul in the music - I think she does it. We haven't spoken and I haven't spoken to her people."

Usher also told the radio station's Rickie, Melvin and Charlie about the craziest encounter he had had with a fan, saying: "Some people go pretty far with their dedication and their love for me.

"And this one fan, she was just taking off all her clothes and she was outside my bus, just chasing the bus and taking her clothes off while she's chasing the bus. I don't know why!"

Kiss FM are currently searching for their next presenter and asked Usher to give the Kiss Chosen One hopefuls his tips.

He said: "Never, never, never cut the artist off while they're talking. If you make eye contact, you'll kind of catch the beat to the way the conversation is going. If you can hold a pretty good conversation then you'll be alright, however! Never cut the artist off."

:: The last audition for Kiss The Chosen One takes place this Saturday at Chinawhite in London.

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