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Sunday 26 January 2020

U2 hit no 5 in music rich list with €628m while Michael Flatley makes no 9 with €234m

Sir Paul married US haulage heiress Nancy Shevell in October 2011. Photo: Getty Images
Clive Calder
Michael Flatley
Sir Cameron Mackintosh
David and Victoria Beckham
Olivia and Dhani Harrison
Lord Lloyd-Webber
Simon Fuller
Sir Mick Jagger
Simon Cowell
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Daniel Ek
Keith Richards
Ringo Starr
Sir Tim Rice
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Anita Singh

IRISH rockers U2 come in at no 5 in the list of the world’s richest musicians followed by Irish dancing supremo Michael Flatley at no 9.

Dubliners, Bono, Edge, Larry Mullen and Adam Clayton have a fortune of €628m (£514m) while Michael Flatley is worth €234m (£192m).

Paul McCartney, already one of the world’s richest musicians, increased his wealth by a third last year thanks to his new bride.

Nancy Shevell brought a £150 million (€185m) fortune to the marriage when the couple wed in October 2011 - the value of her share in New England Motor Freight, the US family haulage business led by her father and of which she is vice-president.

As a result, Sir Paul leapfrogged Lord Lloyd-Webber to reach third place on the Sunday Times Rich List of Music Millionaires, with his wealth rising from £495 million (€605m) to £665 (€803m) million in the last year.

In addition to Miss Shevell’s money, Sir Paul also made £20 million (€24.5m) through touring and album sales, according to the list.

The 69-year-old musician married the US heiress, his third wife, at Marylebone Register Office in October. It was there that he also wed his first wife, Linda Eastman, who died in 1998. His marriage to wife number two, Heather Mills, lasted from 2002-08, and cost him £24.3 million (€29.7m)in the divorce.

George Harrison’s widow, Olivia, and son, Dhani, have a joint fortune of £180 million (€220m) are 13th on the list. Ringo Starr has £160 million (€195m) and is 18th.

Clive Calder, the music industry tycoon, retains the number one spot with £1.35 billion, (€1.65bn) a fortune made from the sale of his Zomba record label to BMG in 2002.

Sir Cameron Mackintosh is in second place with £725 million, (€886m) up from £675 (€825m) million on the 2011 list thanks in part to the continuing success of Les Miserables around the world.

Lord Lloyd-Webber is fourth with £590 million (€721m), down from £680 million (€831m).

Simon Cowell makes an appearance in the list at number seven, with a fortune of £225 million (€275m).

David and Victoria Beckham made £25 million (€30.5m) last year via his on and off the pitch earnings and her fashion label, raising their fortune to £190 million (€232m).

Other music multi-millionaires in the top 10 are Simon Fuller at £375 million (€458m) and Sir Elton John at £220 million (€268m).

Sunday Times Rich List 2012

Top 20

1 Clive Calder - £1.35bn (€1.65bn)

2 Sir Cameron Mackintosh - £725m (€885m)

3 Sir Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell - £665m (€810m)

4 Lord Lloyd-Webber - £590m (€720m)

5 U2 - £514m (€625m)

6 Simon Fuller - £377m (€457m)

7 Simon Cowell - £225m (€275m)

8 Sir Elton John - £220m (€268m)

9 Michael Flatley - £192m (€234m)

10= David and Victoria Beckham - £190m (€232m)

10= Daniel Ek - £190m (€232m)

10= Sir Mick Jagger - £190m (€232m)

13= Olivia and Dhani Harrison - £180m (€220m)

13= Sting - £180m (€220m)

15 Keith Richards - £175m (€214m)

16 Jamie Palumbo - £170m (€207m)

17 Denis and Caroline Desmond - £165m (€201m)

18 Ringo Starr - £160m (€195m)

19 Sir Tim Rice - £144m (€176m)

20 Sir Tom Jones - £140m (€171m)


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