Tuesday 28 January 2020

Tom Jones: I've stopped being sexy

Tom Jones has toned down his sexiness
Tom Jones has toned down his sexiness

Tom Jones has revealed he has had to stop being sexy as he gets older.

The 70-year-old What's New Pussycat singer - famous for having women throw their knickers at him when he's performing on stage - has told how his family have asked him to tone it down in his old age.

Tom said: "My family have to tell me to tone down my behaviour a bit. My son and daughter-in-law are my managers, so they tell me, and my granddaughter will always say things like, 'Do you have to wear that?' or 'Why are you doing that?'

"Things happen automatically because I've always done them, though. I can still do all those things, the hip swinging and everything, but I have to stop! It might not be as energetic as it was, but it's there. Basically, I've had to stop being so sexy."

But the Leave Your Hat On singer, who stopped dying his hair two years ago, still feels young at heart.

He revealed: "There isn't a mirror on stage. I still feel 30 when I'm singing, and I don't think my hair's white until I look in the mirror."

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