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To infinity and beyond with Le Galaxie. . .

Le Galaxie
Le Galaxie
Barry Egan

Barry Egan

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Philip K. Dick titled his 1968 novel, which inspired the movie Blade Runner. . .

Irish electro-pop godheads Le Galaxie took it to perhaps to a more fascinating level a few years ago with their debut single, We Bleed The Blood Of Androids.

Asked what was going on in their collective heads when they wrote this sexy slice of sci-fi sonic surreality, the group's generously-bearded lead singer Michael says that it was "more necessity, because we didn't realise what we were doing".

"We had a band for a time where we were big, operatic, emotional music and our singer had left because he started a family.

"So we had been auditioning singers in this kind of X Factor light, but all the time we had been writing these instrumental songs.

"We decided to pick one of the song titles - actually one of the songs was called Le Galaxie - and we just went out and played," he continues.

"The first song we really wrote was We Bleed The Blood Of Androids - and people latched on to that. So, we went on from that. We weren't there yet at all, but we knew we could develop it."

So, what is We Bleed The Blood Of Androids about?

"I actually don't know!" Michael laughs. "I have a terrible short-term memory!"

Then something drops from somewhere into his memory pool. "Actually!" he exclaims, "the title came from a disused script for Alien 3."

"We kind of share a fascination with the production of this movie," he says in the direction of fellow Le Galaxie member Anthony, who is sitting on the couch next to him after their band's ear-dentingly funky/loud/heavy reworking of Eddie Grant's Electric Avenue for The Windmill Lane Sessions on

"There was a couple of scripts going around - one about a wooden planet populated by monks. I remember one of the lines in the script was: 'He hits the ground as he bleeds the blood of androids'.

"When we were first starting out," continues Michael, "we were trying to find an identity that we could project as a band. It was very much a sci-fi thing, very futuristic. . ."

What is Le Galaxie's identity now?

"Our identity is less steeped in our influences and more progressive," answers Michael. "You can only go so far with that stuff. You can only go so far with sci-fi. You can only go so far if you get into that very sparkly, very 80s sound. I think what has developed over the years is that our stuff doesn't sound like it is from the past.

"It sounds like it is from now," he says, clearly referring to the group's infectious, even compelling, new album, Le Club, which features tracks with titles such as Love System, Chauffeur Of Love and Carmen.

"There is an element of 80s synthpop in there, but it is progressive," Michael says.

"I also think that the fans, the people who come to our shows, have somewhat influenced Le Galaxie in terms of how we are and how we write now," reveals Anthony.

"It had a really profound impact on the band - you know, when the band are playing shows and the crowd are really into it. We are kind of vibing off the people. That really has helped and is an really important development of the band. The buzz influences the band."

"The new album is almost steeped in almost an 80s vision of Los Angeles and the thought that we'd all have flying cars by now!" laughs Michael.

Andrew adds that Le Club in terms of its sound is "quite evocative and cinematic. Songs like Freeway Flyer, in a way, remind you exactly of the title, with its mad chords and its seven-minute instrumental vibe".

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