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The women who shaped him

Springsteen has never shied away from talking about his mother. She was the domineering figure in their Dutch-Irish Catholic home who drilled her son with her own "don't let the bastards grind you down" mentality.

He has been more guarded about the other women in his life. In 1979, he barred the photographer Lynn Goldsmith from his shows after she published photos taken during their 1978 on-tour affair.

Another on-tour affair ended his marriage to the supermodel Julianne Phillips. They wed in 1985 and the mismatch informed many of the songs on his 1987 Tunnel Of Love album.

Touring that album, he took up with singer Patti Scialfa, and when the tabloids had a field day with photos of the relationship, Phillips filed for divorce.

Their settlement reportedly carried an agreement that Phillips would maintain a media silence on the matter. Springsteen wed Scialfa and -- despite paparazzi shots this week showing Patti bawling her eyes out -- the couple share three adult children and what appears to be a blissful marriage.

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