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Friday 23 August 2019

The Voice winner Stevie McCrorie hopes show will continue to produce talent

Stevie McCrorie was famously entered into The Voice by his colleagues in the Kirkcaldy fire services
Stevie McCrorie was famously entered into The Voice by his colleagues in the Kirkcaldy fire services

The Voice winner and former firefighter Stevie McCrorie said he hopes the show will continue to produce talent as it prepares to leave the BBC.

The 30-year-old Scot was famously entered into the singing competition by his colleagues in the Kirkcaldy fire services, winning it in April with Kaiser Chiefs frontman Ricky Wilson as his mentor.

He is now preparing to release his debut album, Big World, and said he is proud to have written all the songs himself, some of which are ideas he has had for years.

At a performance for fans in Glasgow, he said: "When I finished on The Voice I was offered songs to use for the album but I really wanted to take the hard route and show people that I'm a songwriter.

"I've put my heart and soul into the album and used all the ideas that I've had in my head for years but never really had the audience to sell it to.

"I'm so glad the record label let me write my own album because they could easily have told me to do some covers or other writers' songs.

"It's about family, it's about emotions and the journeys that all families go through. I hope everyone can relate to it and I really hope it connects with people because I've really bared my soul in it."

He added: "If I was to go out on my first album then I would be glad it would be with this because I love it and I just hope that everybody else loves it."

His first single, My Heart Never Lies, is available now on iTunes.

The next series of The Voice will be the last to air on the BBC after it refused to get into a "bidding war" to keep the show.

Mark Linsey, acting director of BBC Television, said: "The BBC is incredibly proud of The Voice, but the fifth series which starts in January will be our last.

"We always said we wouldn't get into a bidding war or pay inflated prices to keep the show, and it's testament to how the BBC has built the programme up - and established it into a mainstay of the Saturday night schedule - that another broadcaster has poached it."

ITV has refused to comment on speculation that the show will be moving to the broadcaster.

McCrorie said: "I'm focusing on my own career now and becoming an artist, but it gave me an amazing platform and it would be a shame to see it stop, but I think it's continuing on a different broadcaster.

"Hopefully it can still do what it's done for me to someone else who is maybe just not getting noticed.

"I would say to anybody who thinks it's not cool to go on these shows that I think you need to go with the times and it's very hard to get recognised these days because it's so saturated.

"I would say to people - if you've got a talent then you should do whatever you can to get noticed."

Wilson has announced he will leave The Voice when it finishes on the BBC and McCrorie said he still keeps in touch with him.

"I was speaking to him today. I was recording at Abbey Road and he text me inviting me over to his house to watch his show on Sky, he genuinely is a mate and I think he'll be backing the album.

"In terms of The Voice, I'm sure Ricky knows what he's doing. He's had an amazing career and if I could even get a bit of that I'd be delighted."

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