Monday 21 October 2019

The Pop Queens who are on top of the music world

Katy Perry
Katy Perry
Miley Cyrus
Lady Gaga

Pat Fitzpatrick

As Barry Egan talks to megastar Taylor Swift, Pat Fitzpatrick looks at some other chart-topping ladies.


Rihanna was asked to leave when she tried to shoot a raunchy video in Northern Ireland a few years back. Hardly surprising, given that the land belonged to a God-fearing member of the DUP. She would have been OK if it belonged to someone from Sinn Fein. They are well used to turning a blind eye to what happens in a remote field. Rihanna is a fashion designer who doesn't flaunt her own creations too often. Of course, that would involve wearing clothes. Not exactly her core competency.


Okay, get this. Lady Gaga says she likes to show a lot of skin during her public appearances because her grandmother is partially blind and can only see light shades on TV. We believe her - that's just the kind of people we are. What elderly lady wouldn't like to see her granddaughter wearing little more than a pair of knickers on the telly? "If she was that keen for me to see her, why didn't she just wear a white dress?" "Stop being awkward, Grandma."


Katy's ex, Russell Brand, ended their marriage when he asked for a divorce by text on New Year's Eve. Is there anything worse? Yes. Replying to all those 'Happy New Year' texts you get at midnight when you are trying to lob the gob with a room full of strangers. Predictive text and three bottles of prosecco combine to produce your reply - "F**k off fish-face". Look on the bright side, you'll have no friends to text you next year.


Beyonce is now a case study in the Harvard Business School. (How do all the single ladies answer questions there? They put their hands up. Seriously.) Her 2013 album was the fastest selling of all time on iTunes. It was surpassed this year, when Apple tried an experiment to see if they could make 100 million teenagers say: "What the hell is U2?" We can confirm that experiment was a huge success. Which is more than you could say for Songs of Innocence.


She angered Mexican officials recently when she was spanked with a Mexican flag during a show. Of course, Miley has never been slow to show off what she has down south of the border. The law in Mexico allows her to be detained for up to 36 hours for this mark of disrespect. You can imagine her sweating, half-naked, in a Mexican jail, surrounded by gorgeous Latino gangsters. That's because you've watched too many of her videos.

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