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The next big things

Potty-mouthed Essex singer Jessie J has already written songs for Justin Timberlake and Alicia Keys and had a hand in Miley Cyrus's mega-smash 'Party In The USA'. Her debut single 'Do It Like A Dude' is laden with expletives but extremely addictive for all that.


Having recently declared they want to unseat Bono from his stadium rock throne, Tennessee rockers Mona certainly don't lack for ambition. They've got an interesting image too -- with their slicked-back hair, tight leather jackets and love for vintage Chevys, you suspect they've spent too long watching Rebel Without A Cause.

The Vaccines

Imagine Pete Doherty's Libertines without the drug squalor and the celeb girlfriends. That's as good a description as any of British rockers The Vaccines who aim to restore the glory days of English underground pop with their lightfooted-bordering-on-twee sound.

The Naked and The Famous

Already chart toppers in their native New Zealand, The Naked And The Famous are now setting their sights on this part of the world. Judging by the hype, they have the potential to be the next Crowded House, but with their psychedelic synth music they arguably have more in common with MGMT.

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