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The loves of my life: David Brophy, conductor


Conductor David Brophy. Photo: Tony Gavin

Conductor David Brophy. Photo: Tony Gavin

Conductor David Brophy. Photo: Tony Gavin

Gadgets and accessories don't feature on the conductors list although he does admit to being self-centred.

The person

Anyone who can make me laugh.

The memory

Too many to recall now. The most recent fond memory is conducting the Atlanta Symphony and Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestras last December in America

The moment of the day

After midnight

The song

There are thousands - today, it's The Nurse by The White Stripes

The movie

Video of the Day

The Shining

The hero

Emmet from The Lego Movie

The book

A book called Fooled by Randomness by Nassim Nicholas Taleb

The accessory

I don't think I have any . . .

The outfit

Boot-runners, jeans and a T-shirt

The gadget

I'd rather do without any

The pet hate

Irish weather

The friend

I love all my friends!

The beauty product

They don't work on me!

The holiday

Anywhere in the sun

The piece of advice

"Melodious is the closed mouth" (received from my granddad)

The drink


The hotel

The Shelbourne

The bar

Currans, An Daingean

The hobby


The part of my body

What a strange question!

The celebrity

Kirsty Wark

The virtue

It's not for me to say

The vice

Like many conductors, I tend to be self-centred

David Brophy conducts the RTE National Symphony Orchestra's New Year Celebration concerts with star soprano Claudia Boyle in Dublin (Friday, January 1, National Concert Hall) and Wexford (Saturday, January 2, National Opera House); and the RTE National Symphony Orchestra's St Patrick's Day Celebration with uilleann piper Liam O'Flynn (Thursday, March 17, National Concert Hall) See rte.ie/nso

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