Thursday 14 November 2019

The Jam Room: Introducing Pretty Beast

Up and coming Irish bands tell us who they are, what they're about, and give us a flavour of their sound

Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

In our new series introducing up and coming Irish bands Pretty Best perform 'Don't Think So', and tell us who they are and what they're about...

Tell us about the band's origins?

"We've all played in different bands and have known each other through music for years. Ciaran (guitar) sent us some ideas that he'd come up with on an iPhone app. We got together on a cold and rainy Monday in December and hit it off straight away. We worked on one of the ideas Ciaran had written in the app and finished it that night. That song became 'Trying It', the closing song on our EP.

"We immediately began planning, setting targets and goals. From previous experiences in bands we wanted to try and do things a little differently. We didn't want to gig straight away, we wanted to work on our sound, recordings, videos, a website and get all our ducks in a row before we did anything in public. We rehearsed three times a week for 6 months.

"We also wanted to release our EP and a video for So Cold before we gigged so that people would know the music. Our first gig was our EP launch in The Workman's Club and it went really well! People knew the lyrics for So Cold so that was a little win for us."

What is this particular song (Don't Think So) about?

" Differing opinions."

What is the biggest gig that you have played?

"We’ve only played three gigs but they’ve all been crackers. Our EP launch in The Workman's Club was a great night, but the standout one so far has to be Knockanstockan this summer."

When did you start playing?

"May 2015"


"Amon Tobin, At The Drive-In, Blur, Chemical Brothers, Crystal Method, Daft Punk, Death From Above 1979, Deftones, Happy Mondays, Joy Division, Klaxons, Led Zeppelin, Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana,Radiohead, Rage Against The Machine, Rammstein, Suede, Testicicles, The Mars Volta. Royal Blood, The Pixies, The Prodigy, The Rapture, The Strokes, Tool."

Pretty Beast
Pretty Beast

Best moment as a band?

"Our first practice. We wrote and finished a full song that night. It was a great feeling. We knew we had the right mix of people and that we could work well together."

Any gig disasters you care to share?

"Not yet."

What is the biggest success the band has had?

"Getting Picked for Whelan’s Ones to Watch 2015 after playing only one gig was cool. We got a lot of nice reviews of our gig at Knockanstockan as well. They were enjoyable to read."

Long-term vision for the band?

"It’s impossible to have a realistic long term vision in this industry. Our dream would be to earn enough money so that we don’t have to have regular jobs. We have spent many years in other bands, so our expectations are a little more realistic than our first time round the track."

Feelings about producing music in Ireland in general, the 'scene'?

"A lot of people give out about the “scene” but I think it’s great! There are so many different types of venue that cater for all types of music. The country is full of amazing bands, it’s a pity that more of them don’t get picked up, but that’s the game we’re in. .001% of musicians “make it” but that’s ok. It really depends what you’re in it for. If you expect nothing, then every positive thing that happens is a win."

Challenges for Irish bands?

"Not having enough money to do all the things that we want to do."

Do you have any recent or upcoming releases or events?

"We’re playing our own headline show in The Workman's Club on Friday November 27th. We’re really looking forward to that one. It’s going to be a cracker. It will be our last gig of the year and a nice way to end our first year on the job.

"We're also playing Sin E on Friday October 16 with guests Not Monsters.  It's free entry too!"

What is most important to you when creating new media for your band?

"I think that music on its own is not enough any more. The most important thing for us over the next few months is getting video content out there. We have plans for a special video for an unreleased track we have recorded. We’re really looking forward to working on that."

Why did you want to make a video?

"We have released an EP but we haven’t played a huge amount of live shows yet. We want to give people an idea of what we are like live. For us, there is a big difference between our studio sound and our live sound. It’s nice to have that divide."

What do you feel is the best way to connect with your fans, and how do you go about gaining new fans?

"In the modern landscape, there are so many different ways to gain fans. Blogs, magazines, radio, social channels and live shows. They’re all as good as each other. Each one is as important as the next."

What would you like people hearing the band for the first time to know about you?

"We’re hard working, hungry, obsessive, loud, soft, aggressive, diffident, energetic and tired."

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