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They were talent-spotted by the man who discovered Gomez, Smashing Pumpkins and The Verve. The band's manager, David Boyd, came across The Chakras when they were chosen to be the featured artist on the MySpace music page. Formerly head of A&R for Virgin records, Boyd built his reputation recognising star potential. Having set up his own management company in London, he contacted The Chakras to offer his services.

They supported Ian Brown on his last tour. For guitarist Richie McArdle, joining Brown for five nights was a dream come true. "When I was really small I used to have poster of him on my wall," says Richie. "He was just so nice and so welcoming." It was an extra bonus that Ian Brown's former band, The Stone Roses, have been a significant influence for The Chakras in terms of style and sound.

Their favourite gig to date was joining Lady Gaga on the line-up for Oxegen. They played the IMRO stage just after she had wowed the audience on the main stage at the festival this year. "She had a whole bus to carry all her clothes," remembers Richie. Other highlights include playing the Latitude festival in the UK to a crowd of 5,000.

They don't lack for ambition. Since the band's inception after two of the lads met at a party in Dublin, members Richie, Rocky, Gordon, Ian and Bryan have kept the big picture in mind. Richie has seen a lot of other talented ensembles fall by the wayside because of what he sees as a lack of commitment and ambition. "We never wanted to be a small-time band. We always wanted to be on the main stage in a big arena," he says. "We're in a rush to get it done."

They're not in it for the money, but for the glory. They're pragmatic about the fact that the music industry doesn't offer an MTV-lifestyle dream anymore, but for them, the idea of having remarkable experiences is reward enough to be worth sacrificing financial security. "You wouldn't get into it for the money. We got into it because we wanted to do something that wasn't the mundane," Richie says.


The Chakras are, standing from left, Ian Kane, Bryan Pepper, Richie McArdle and Gordon Whittaker and, front, Rocky Whittaker.

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