Wednesday 11 December 2019

Take That toyed with ditching name

Take That were planning to call themselves The English. Photo: PA
Take That were planning to call themselves The English. Photo: PA

Take That have revealed they were planning to ditch their band name and rechristen themselves The English for their comeback.

The revived quintet toyed with the idea of assuming their new title to record a single to kick-start their return.

And the proposed name change paved the way for a massive change of sound for some of the songs, the newly reunited Robbie Williams told Q magazine.

In the December edition of the magazine, the band - who are pictured together by rock star turned photographer Bryan Adams - say the initial plan was for a one-off single under the assumed name.

Over time the idea was ditched but it freed the band creatively to create an electro pop-style album for their comeback, Progress, which is out next month.

"I'm guessing that the initial idea of not being called Take That freed Gary up," said Robbie. "Is it a brave record? Only if it fails."

Gary Barlow suggested in the Q interview, which is published next Tuesday, that he would have been bored by a further album if Robbie had not returned.

"After those last two records the thought of the four of us just going in and doing another... it solved all that Rob coming back. It's made it interesting," Gary said.

The full interview and pictures by Bryan Adams are in the December edition of Q magazine out on Tuesday, October 26.

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