Wednesday 11 December 2019

Starry eyed music surprises

Paul Thomas Saunders
Paul Thomas Saunders

Paul Thomas saunders

beautiful desolation


Leeds songwriter Paul Thomas Saunders is tipped for great things. If you like the concept of an artist who sings like Jack Steadman of Bombay Bicycle Club, but totally invents his own singular soundscape, then Saunders is for you.

There is a little bit of the gentle glacial melodrama of Sigur Ros in Saunders' oeuvre, topped off with the whispy other-worldliness of Nick Drake, a Kraftwerk like approach to electronica and the pastoral pop of Fleet Foxes.

Saunders is seemingly obsessed with astronomy with bizarre titles like A Lunar Veteran's Guide to Re-entry and Starless State of Moonless Barrow.

While that sounds completely bonkers, Paul Thomas Saunders is actually very accessible.

Look out for him because his debut album is very pretty.

Appointment in Samarra; Good


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