Monday 18 November 2019

Spraggan: Tulisa proud of my music

Lucy Spraggan has been talking about her new album
Lucy Spraggan has been talking about her new album

Lucy Spraggan has said ex-mentor Tulisa is "proud" of her music.

The former X Factor contestant, who was on team Tulisa during last year's contest, told Digital Spy about the support she had from the recently-left judge.

Talking about her debut album, Lucy said: "I haven't played it to her yet. But she's said that she really, really likes Lighthouse (her new single) and that she's massively proud."

Lucy also explained more about the sound she'd gone for on her debut album: "The album is quite a mix of stuff, but it's full of story-telling. Some of it has a bit of a hip-hop influence because I listen to rap. The genre kind of goes with what the song is about.

"We've actually finished recording the album now. There are some songs on there from way before The X Factor - there's one that I wrote when I was 15 actually! Tea And Toast and Beer Fear (her self-penned audition songs) are on there, so hopefully people from the show still want to be hearing that kind of stuff."

On this year's X Factor, hopefuls will perform their first auditions in front of just the judging panel in a small room before being let loose in front of an audience, but Lucy said she loved the big crowd setting of her bid for a place on the show.

She said: "[I enjoyed] the large crowd. I thought if I could go out on stage, impress 500 members of the audience, then maybe I'll have a few more likes on Facebook or followers on Twitter. It was all about the audience for me - not so much about the judges. Then it all kind of went a bit crazy!

"For me, the audience are what made that audition. They made my whole day really."

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