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Spirited mix of fun, with a dash of filler

green day


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These are heady times for the Green Day aficionado. A band-sanctioned musical based on their American Idiot album opened this week at Dublin's Bord Gais Energy Theatre and this album comes just two months after their last release. The third part of the trilogy, Tre! (a reference to drummer Tre Cool) will be unveiled next month.

Like its predecessor, Uno!, Dos! is a more spirited and fun album than the band's more ambitious and politically tinged records. But as with Uno!, this collection contains its fair share of filler amid tracks that are undeniably catchy and cleverly composed.

Stray Heart is typical of the winning stuff -- a fat-free confection that's halfway between power-pop and stadium rock.

The bassline will remind many of The Jam's A Town Called Malice, but Billie Joe Armstrong and friends do more than enough to make the song their own.

Rob Cavallo, who produced the group's 1994 breakthrough album, Dookie, has helmed the trilogy and he has ensured that the songs gallop by at a pulse-quickening pace -- and several of the songs are less than three minutes long.

The bristling Lady Cobra has a run time of just over two minutes. Still, there's little Cavallo can do when Armstrong et al turn in a tune as half-baked as the puerile F*** Time.

Key tracks Stray Heart; Lady Cobra

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